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Rory McIlroy Knows Something You Dont!

Is your warm up routine holding your golf game back? Can a Resistance Band Improve Your Golf Swing? Rory MciIroy Knows Something you don’t…. Ok so some of you will raise an eye brow and state the obvious that he knows how to swing a golf club like mere mortals cannot. That is true. He […]Read More

Low Back Pain & Rotation

Improving Rotation and Prevention of Lower Back Pain for Golfers 4 Exercises to help your golf game and bulletproof your lower back The evidence shows us that 25% of golf related injuries are lower back pain (LBP) complaints. The breakdown of complaints range from 15% – 34% in amateur golfers and 22% – 24% in […]Read More

Sustainable Weight Loss. Why is it so Difficult?

One of the most common topics I get asked about at Physical Dimensions revolves around weight loss and the problems associated with keeping excess weight off in the long term. Unfortunately there is no easy solution to this problem, and more often than not it requires a multi-faceted approach addressing the physical, nutritional, psychological and […]Read More

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