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Is your warm up routine holding your golf game back?

Can A Resistance Band Improve Your Golf Swing?

Rory MciIroy Knows Something you don’t….

Ok so some of you will raise an eye brow and state the obvious that he knows how to swing a golf club like mere mortals cannot. That is true. He also knows and has addressed the importance of strength training to improve his golf swing.

Yet it is what he incorporates into his pre round warm up that may also give him a little edge and its something you can take advantage of too.

The sharper eyed of you may have seen him on the range with a long elastic band looking thing. This is called a TheraBand or Resistance Band.  He uses it during his warm up routine.

So what?

Well there is evidence that suggests incorporating a TheraBand into your warm up can have a great effect on your performance on the golf course.

During a study 15 elite male golfers completed three different warm ups over three non-consecutive days.

Warm up 1: Active Dynamic Warm Up

Consisted of 10 Swings with a weighted club, 3 full shots with a sand wedge, 8 iron, 4 iron, Fairway wood and three full swings with a driver.

Warm up 2: Active Dynamic Warm Up + Resistance Band Warm Up

Consisted of the warm up above plus 5 additional exercises incorporating the Resistance band. A la Rory Mcilroy.

Warm up 3: Active Dynamic Warm Up + Strength Training using a weighted bar.

Consisted of: Warm Up 1 and then 2 sets of Deadlifts, Snatches, Squats, Bench Press and Bent Over Row

After each warm up, each golfer hit ten maximal drives using club and ball tracking data and the following were measured:

Maximal Club Head Speed

Maximal Driving Distance

Driving Accuracy

Smash Factor

Consistent Ball Strike

The results

By using warm up 2, the combination of an Active Dynamic warm up (technically what most golfer do by warming up hitting a few balls) and incorporation of resistance band exercises there was a significant increase in Maximal Driving Distance, Consistent Ball Strike and Smash Factor.

So they were hitting the ball further.

Driving distance has a huge correlation on handicap.

The rational?

The reason for the change is suggested that the muscles and nervous system work together in better co-ordination and in turn produce more force.

Adding some TheraBand exercises into your golf warm up isn’t going to turn you into world number one overnight. Yet it might just improve the round you are about to play.

The other benefit of incorporating this type of warm up, will be the carry over to everyday life. Incorporation of these types of exercises in the video below will aid in better mobility and posture.


So do your body and golf a favour and get going!!!

Chris Wainwright
Unit3 Personal Training