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So You're Coming Out Of Lockdown Swinging?

Why trying to make up for lost time may be a bad idea!!!

If you are coming out of lockdown all guns blazing, hitting more balls than ever, playing every day then you may want to read this.

I get it, the thing you love to do was taken away from you, your main hobby gone.

I had that after undergoing back surgery, the thing I loved to do was gone, done, no more golf, period!

You guys had twelve weeks of sharpening your grooves, cleaning your clubs, those who couldn’t cope made garden ranges out of their best duvet covers. Then the gloves come off, well on in your case, 1 of them anyway and off you go down the range. Like a machine gun you’re on rapid fire making up for lost time!

Beware! Coming out swinging hard has the potential to cause you some issues.

  • Firstly, if you have had a prolonged period of rest then you need to think wisely about the amount of volume you are going to do in these first few weeks.


  • You can think of it almost like recovering from an injury, your body needs time to adjust and adapt to the new stressors it is encountering (i.e. hitting balls or 18 holes of golf)


  • Say you were hitting 250 balls a day; you should be looking to ease your way back up to this volume. Gradually increase the amount of balls every few days until you reach your pre lockdown work loads


  • Excessive fatigue, if your volume of rotation is much higher than normal, as you fatigue your chances of injury increase.

So, what if I told you that 80 percent of golf injuries are overuse injuries…. Read that again…. 80 percent!!!

The main areas for concern for a golfer are:

1) Lower Back
2) Elbow
3) Wrist

According to a review of the research literature by McHardy Et al in 2009, these three injury sites made up 80% of all injuries sustained by golfers.

So, some considerations that may lead to potential problems in these areas are;

Issue: You are use to a certain amount of rotation in a week and suddenly that increases two or three-fold, you are increasing the chances of potentially suffering some form of injury.

Fix: Refrain from getting into the trap of hitting balls for the sake of it. Make your practice more constructive.
Fix: Mobilise and strengthen certain joints and muscles.

Issue: Standing in a certain posture for longer than usual times again also causes certain muscles to work harder than they are used to.

Fix: Break your practice into smaller time frames.
Fix: Stretch before, during and after golf.

Issue: The increased forces placed on the wrist and elbow if you are hitting copious amounts of balls off of range matts.

Fix: Hit off grass if you can. If not, hit from a small tee peg.
Fix: Work on your putting!!

Go out and enjoy this great game, but just approach the first few weeks with caution and make sure that you don’t end up having a longer lay off than 12 weeks due to injury.

Warm up, Stretch, Get Strong, Practice with Intent and Purpose. Work on your short game and more importantly look after yourself and your body!!

Stay Safe…

Chris Wainwright
Unit3 Personal Training