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10 Week Fat Loss Course
Do you want to lose weight the healthy way and to keep it off for good? Forget fad diets sign up to our 10 week fat loss course and learn the skills and the truth behind long term fat loss.
* Full Nutritional Analysis * 2 x Fitness Assessments ( pre & post Course ) * 1 x PT Session Per Week * Weekly Weigh-ins * Amazing Healthy Recipes * Full Ongoing Home Workout Programme * Support via Email, Social Media and Phone * Fortnightly Body Fat % Measurement
Week Beach Body Course

10 Week Beach Body Course

Get the beach body you always wanted with our 10 week course. Our course will cover nutrition, fat loss and workouts to build lean muscle and help you to develop a body fit for any beach or pool.
* 10 Week Course * Full Nutritional Analysis * 2 x Fitness Assessments ( pre & post Course ) * 1 x PT Session Per Week * Amazing Healthy Recipes * Full Ongoing Home Workout Programme * Support via Email, Social Media and Phone

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Our facility is in a great geographical position that offers as much outdoor training as it does indoor. Set in a rural location, Unit3 PT offers a relaxed and non-intimidating atmosphere that enhances the training experience for the client and the trainer. 

From working out on the river with our kayaks, enhancing your cardio capability with the mountain bikes on the myriad of trails surrounding our facility, flipping tyres to pulling weight sleds, the opportunities are endless.

Unit3 PT is equipped with the following :

Free weights . Olympic bars . Squat rack . Bench press . Leg press . Cable cross over . Chin up bars . Dumbbells . 1 x TANDEM kayak . Weighted sled . Balance boards . 40Kg Uppercut bag . 24Kg Punchbag . Functional fitness rig . Bag mitts and pads . Olympic rings . TRX trainers . Rope Climb . Monkey bars . 2 x Mountain bikes . Flipping tyres .


Coming from an international cricket background and being lucky to train in some outstanding facilities , the professional level that Unit3 PT offer to its clients is top rate. This is no average gym, the combination of outdoor and indoor training is brilliant

Geriant Jones MBE

England & Kent Cricket 2005 Ashes Winner

“A great facility in which to work out. The fitness unit is well-stocked, spacious and immaculately clean. There’s also plenty of space outside to train and the rural location means all you can hear is bird song – yet you’re only 10 minutes from the city

Lesley Daley


“Unit3 PT’s trainers are ahead of the curve when it comes to training methods.The unique location offers its’ clients a very private and professional training experience. The studio can only be seen as a huge positive for Canterbury and the surrounding areas”

Rob Key

Ex England & Kent Cricket Club Captian


Please contact our trainers directly via their  information below  to enquire about the personal training experience they can offer you

Lee Jordan

Lee Jordan

Co-Owner Lee is an award winning PT and nutritionist, and a highly respected Sport and Exercise Scientist. Lee now also mentors newly qualified trainers, and regularly lectures on sustainable health and wellness to corporate, educational and medical audiences.

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Chris Wainwright

Chris Wainwright  

Co-Owner Chris is a fully qualified Golf Professional and Personal Trainer. He has spent time around elite level sportsmen for many years and specializes in golf specific fitness and power. After undergoing major back surgery, Chris has a great understanding of being able to train pain free.



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