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    Are you confused as to what foods you should and shouldn't be eating? Do you often feel lethargic and low on energy? Or perhaps you're having trouble losing weight and reducing your body fat %. Book in for a nutritional analysis and let us help you optimise your nutrition.


    Our award-winning service offers a comprehensive weight management course that delivers great results. So whether you're trying to lose some body fat, or trying to build some muscle we can help. Contact us today to find out more.


    Our personal training services offer fantastic value for money. If you follow our advice and guidance we can guarantee you results. You tell us what your goals are and we'll help you achieve them in a safe, fun and sustainable way. Contact us for more details.


    We have gained the skills, knowledge and experience that has allowed us to work with elite athletes from a range of different sports. Sport-specific training delivers benefits whatever level you participate at. Contact us to find out more.


    Our health profiling service encompasses a variety of measurements and assessments. Physiological, anthropometric and performance variables are evaluated and used to compile your health profile. This service is especially beneficial for children aged 10-18 years. Contact us for details.


    Find your sense of adventure and put your physical and mental strength to the test. See how you perform when you're fatigued, sleep deprived, cold, hungry and probably lost. Contact us for details.



Our facility is in a great geographical position that offers as much outdoor training as it does indoor. Unit3 PT offers a relaxed and non-intimidating atmosphere that enhances the training experience for the client and the trainer.

Our bespoke training facility at Unit3 PT is equipped with the following :

Free weights . Olympic bars . Squat rack . Bench press . Leg press . Cable cross over . Chin up bars . Dumbbells .  Weighted sled . Balance boards . 40Kg Uppercut bag . 24Kg Punchbag . Functional fitness rig . Bag mitts and pads . Olympic rings . TRX trainers . Rope Climb . Monkey bars . 2 x Mountain bikes . Flipping tyres.

We also train our clients in a number of locations in and around the Canterbury area – including on the beautiful wooded trails of Blean Wood just outside Canterbury, Kings Wood in Chilham, and on the many coastal pathways and beaches in East Kent*.

The services we offer aim to be inclusive as well as exclusive, and our services are available to all irrespective of your fitness level or health profile. If you have concerns about your health or fitness, or just need advice on aspects of healthy living please contact us.

(*weather dependant)



Lee Jordan


Lee is an award-winning PT and nutritionist, and a highly respected Sport and Exercise Scientist. Lee now also mentors newly qualified trainers, and regularly lectures on sustainable health and wellness to corporate, educational and medical audiences.


The Appliance of Sport Science

Every service we offer is grounded in the sport, exercise and nutritional sciences. There are no fads, crazes or celebrity diets in the advice and guidance we offer. And we won’t try and sell you an impossible dream and promise you a supermodel or an Adonis type body in just 6-weeks.

What we can guarantee you is  a tried and trusted award-winning service that has been delivering safe and sustainable results for our clients for more than 20 years.

Our methods and training protocols are based on the latest sport and exercise sciences, so now you can train like the elite athletes. Book in for your ‘FREE’ 30 minute consultation and find out what we can do for you.

Knowledge & know-how

We use a variety of different software to collect, assess and analyse  performance. The data we collect from each exercise session or nutrition consultation is analysed and used in the writing of subsequent exercise sessions or nutrition plans.

Before too long you’ll be familiar with terms such as VO2Max, RR intervals, EPOC  and heart rate training zones; and you’ll understand the valuable insight they give into how efficiently and effectively your body is working.

Additionally you’ll become aware of the different roles the macro and micro food groups play in your health and wellbeing, and you’ll gain the knowledge and know-how to compile nutritionally balanced meals for you and your family.



Coming from an international cricket background and being lucky to train in some outstanding facilities , the professional level that Unit3 PT offer to its clients is top rate. This is no average gym, the combination of outdoor and indoor training is brilliant

Geriant Jones MBE

England & Kent Cricket 2005 Ashes Winner

A great facility in which to work out. The fitness unit is well-stocked, spacious and immaculately clean. There’s also plenty of space outside to train and the rural location means all you can hear is bird song – yet you’re only 10 minutes from the city

Lesley Daley


Unit3 PT’s trainers are ahead of the curve when it comes to training methods.The unique location offers its’ clients a very private and professional training experience. The studio can only be seen as a huge positive for Canterbury and the surrounding areas

Rob Key

Ex England & Kent Cricket Club Captain



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